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Looking for ADHD gift ideas this holiday season? Look no further because I’ve got your holiday shopping covered. I find most ADHD gift guides to be a bit lacking. Typically short and not very sweet, they’re full of good intentions. Good intentions that are meant to be more useful than actually fun to open. ADHD brains crave dopamine so if you give us a gift that’s more useful than exciting, it might show in our reaction. And if we don’t see an immediate use for it, we may never remember to use it in the first place. We’re sorry we’re like this, our neurotransmitters suck at neurotransmitting.

On the other end of that gift-receiving spectrum is the gift that we’re excited to open because it’s cute or soft or exciting. But then we have no use for it so into a doom pile it goes (and stays.) The key to good ADHD gift ideas is finding that serotonin sweet spot between cute things that induce a dopamine daze, and that can be useful as well.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for People With ADHD

Coming up with gift ideas isn’t an easy task. Especially for people with ADHD who can be a bit unpredictable and all over the place. To save you hours of scouring the internet, I’ve put together this ADHD gift guide with all of my best ADHD gift ideas. From funny shirts and fidget toys to helpful tools and fun things to do, this list is sure to help you find the best gift for your favorite spicy-brained loved one.

ADHD Apparel

  1. There’s no better ADHD gift than a relatable shirt that makes them feel seen
    This ‘She Believed She Could But She Forgot So She Didn’t’ shirt made me laugh out loud when I saw it. One thing your ADHD loved one won’t forget, is that you were the one who gave them this hilariously spot-on shirt. Ultra soft, they’re sure to want to wear it over and over again.

  1. The ‘Dopamine? In This Economy?‘ shirt is sure to light up their holiday
    Admittedly, I am obsessed with this seller. SonnetandSlothStudio on Etsy has a wide variety of chronic illness and neurodivergent items that are both relatable and hilarious. If you appreciate the ‘Dopamine? In This Economy?‘ shirt, you’re sure to love well, everything in their store.

  1. Help them feel more comfortable with this ‘Easily Overwhelmed‘ sweatshirt
    Full disclosure: this one is from my own Etsy shop but that’s how I can assure you of the high-quality, soft fabric it’s made from. It’s warm, yet breathable so it makes a perfect winter layer. Help them humorously own their overwhelmedness while signaling to others they might need some extra patience in this minimalist sweatshirt.

Fidget Toys: The Go-To for ADHD Gift Ideas

  1. This 12-sided fidget cube is sure to keep their interest longer than other fidget cubes
    With its 12 different surfaces, this fidget cube is the king of fidget cubes. It’s got a built-in mini stress ball, a worry groove for rubbing, massage dots, and more. You can switch it, slide it, click it, and yes, I know I’m sounding like a Bop-it commercial now. However, I promise this is quieter and more soothing than a Bop-it.

  1. If you’re looking for a sturdy fidget, look no further than this metal fidget slider
    So many fidget toys are not built to last. Made of cheap materials and often flimsy plastic, it’s clear they’re not made by people with ADHD. That’s not the case with this metal fidget toy! Made of metal, this fidget toy is sturdier than most. It’s also magnetic and provides haptic feedback which makes it extra satisfying

  1. Perfect for anyone always trying to spin things, these spinner stim toys are so fun
    Every neurodivergent has different sensory preferences and stimming habits. For those who are always trying to spin string, pens, or whatever else around their fingers, this stim toy makes a perfect gift. It comes in multiple sizes to make them suitable for both children and adults. No puzzles to solve or pieces to assemble, just simple and satisfying spinning.

  1. Make their work day more tolerable with this Speks Fleks Silicone building toy
    This 6-piece building set is the perfect desk toy for adults. With over 100 different configurations, this fidget toy is sure to bring hours of work-appropriate entertainment. The pieces are flexible and snap together to make for creative and satisfying fidget fun.

ADHD Gifts to Help With Focus

  1. This lockbox is a great gift for ADHDers who struggle with phone distractions (so, all of us)
    We are nothing if not a distracted people. Luckily, this lockbox can provide some extra help with staying focused. It can hold four or five phones so you can fit multiple devices in there. There are three different modes to choose from: basic lockbox, timed countdown with an unlock code, or full lockdown with a timed countdown and no unlock code. It also comes in two styles so it can still look cute in your home!

  1. Know somebody who gets jittery sitting at their desk? Give them the gift of focus with this foot roller by Bouncyband
    Bouncyband offers a variety of solutions for those living the wiggly-desk life. This foot roller for restless feet is designed to work at sitting or standing desks. It’s silent, like having a foot massager at your desk, and has rubber feet so it won’t go sliding around making a scene.

  1. A wobble chair makes a great gift that can help wigglers of all ages focus better
    Available in multiple colors, this wobble chair is built to rock, wobble, and tilt while sitting in place. It can help with focus while also improving core strength so it has multiple benefits beyond soothing sensory seekers. It also includes sensory grips, has smooth edges, and is easy to clean. All wins in my book.

Sensible Sensory Gifts

  1. Lap blankets can be helpful for people with ADHD and this Galaxy lap pad includes some entertainment
    This weighted lap blanket can help with focus, overstimulation, and emotional regulation. More than just a weighted blanket, it also gives you something to do with your hands. The gel filling can be squished around for additional sensory input and there are aquarium, and maze options also.

  1. Whoever you gift this weighted blanket to is sure to think it’s out of this world
    What makes this weighted blanket so great? It glows in the dark! Any novelty-seeking ADHDer is sure to love this glowing yet cozy blanket. With only 20 minutes of charging, the long-lasting glow of the stars is sure to bring a smile to their serotonin-seeking selves.

  1. A Hug Sleep Pod is the perfect gift for anyone with ADHD who finds sleep elusive
    This sensory sleep pod is like the perfect hug all night. It makes a great alternative to a weighted blanket that’s lighter and more portable. Made of breathable fabric that allows for natural body cooling, you can choose between free-feet and closed-in options. You can also choose between hood and no-hood styles and it comes in multiple sizes and colors.

  1. Texture strips are a great sensory gift for anyone a little neurospicy
    These punny texture strips are great for people with ADHD. There are multiple cute designs to help keep that dopamine coming. Give them a tool for anxiety and focus at their fingertips with cute texture strips. The stickers are wear-resistant and made with quality adhesive so last a long time while also being removable without leaving any marks.

ADHD Gift Ideas to Help Relax

  1. Help them relax and send a message with a Neurospicy Nonsense candle
    Admittedly, I designed these candles with my own needs in mind. I love the vibe of a cozy candle and sometimes I struggle to verbalize things. So I combined those sentiments and made a few candle designs to help the struggle. Humorous yet blunt (aka a neurospicy special) your spicy-brained loved one is sure to love it. They even come in three delicious scents to choose from.

  1. If you like the idea of a visual signal but not the responsibility of a lit flame, the ‘Feeling Overwhelmed‘ blanket makes the perfect ADHD gift idea
    If you’re overwhelmed, it’s possible the last thing you want to be in charge of is an open flame. I get it. And that’s why I also designed this cozy yet communicative blanket. It says ‘This is my feeling overwhelmed blanket’, so you can snuggle up and signal to others that now is not the time. To suit all sensory needs, it comes in three styles: velveteen plush, fleece sherpa, and fluffy sherpa.

  1. You can’t go wrong with this snuggly wearable blanket
    Every ADHDer knows the struggle of being comfortable and warm on the couch when you need to get up to get or do something. Help fight the executive function battle with a wearable blanket! With a wearable blanket, they can take the cozy with them. I love this option because of its zipper feature compared to most wearable blankets that have to be pulled over the head.

  1. If you get your spicy loved one this neck massager, they’ll be so thankful they might even share it with you
    People with ADHD tend to carry a lot of tension in our shoulders, neck, and jaw. To put it more bluntly, we tend to grind the fuck out of our jaw (especially if we medicate with stimulants.) This neck stretcher will provide some much-needed relief to anyone struggling with muscle tension in that area. With its heated ergonomic design, it can also help relieve headaches so it’s a hell yes from me.

Jewelry for the Jittery Ones

  1. Stim jewelry and anxiety rings make a great gift for anyone with ADHD
    If you’re looking for ADHD gift ideas for someone who loves jewelry, I have the post just for you. I put together a list of all the best anxiety rings and fidget rings. From whimsical animal spinners, to pretty flower fidgets; from minimalist to flashy, there’s something for everyone.
  2. This bracelet is so cute, you can’t even tell it’s a stim bracelet
    Stimmables makes a lot of cute stim jewelry but this bracelet is one of my favorites. It’s stretchy, made of silicone beads and has tassels on it to make a calming tactile tool you can wear. You can wear it as a bracelet or clip it to a bag. You can even apply essential oils to the beech wood bead for extra soothing. It’s cute, discreet, and comes in multiple colors.

  1. Earplug earrings are the perfect gift for someone who likes wearing earplugs but is always losing them
    Earplug earrings make a great gift for someone with ADHD. They’re both cute and useful so what’s not to love? These earrings have matching tethered earplugs attached. I love how they’re designed in a way that it’s not super obvious you’re wearing earplugs as jewelry. The seller makes lots of cute styles so if you’re interested in a different color or more subtle design, definitely go check out their store.

Cute and Useful ADHD Gifts

  1. This holiday season give the gift of hydration but make it sparkly
    I’m obsessed with this sparkly, holographic Ello Monterey cup. It’s 24 ounces and double-insulated which means it’ll stay cool, even when you forget to drink water for hours. Don’t be put off by its beauty, it’s dishwasher safe and has a lifetime guarantee so it can handle being inevitably dropped or knocked over (repeatedly.) Your favorite beverage goblin is sure to love this gift of holographic hydration.

  1. The book Thriving with ADHD can help adults with ADHD get a better grasp on life
    This book is full of strategies for strengthening executive function skills. It includes strategies for multiple situations including at home, work, and in relationships. With the included self-assessments, you can get a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses so you can set the right goals for yourself. Having a better understanding of yourself and setting realistic goals is crucial for working with your ADHD instead of against it. This can help with the self-esteem issues, self-criticism, and anxiety that are so common with ADHD which is why this book can be so helpful.

  1. A cute visual timer is a great gift for your friends who struggle with time blindness
    Time blindness is a real struggle for most people with ADHD. Our concept of how time passes is directly related to our interest and focus levels. This can not only be confusing but problematic in many ways. You can help your neurodivergent loved one keep track of time better with this rainbow visual timer. It’s as adorable as it is useful.

Ways to Keep People With ADHD Busy

  1. Looking for ADHD gift ideas to keep them occupied? Lego flower sets are the gift that keeps on giving
    These flower and succulent Lego sets are so much fun. They’re cute and entertaining but not so complex you feel bad taking them apart after. They’re sure to provide hours of entertainment to people who are always looking for something to do with their hands.

  1. Or give them the gift of nostalgia with an adult crafting kit!
    When you’re a kid, you get gifts all the time of things to make, sew, paint, and so on. Why does that stop when we’re adults? We like craft kits too! If this is an idea you like, you have so many options. If they like plants, they’ll love this felt succulent kit. There are kits for friendship bracelets, weaving looms, crochet for beginners, diamond paintings, bead bracelet kits, and so much more.

  1. Unique puzzles make a great holiday gift idea for people with ADHD
    Puzzle lovers can be pretty easy to please. Give us pretty much any puzzle and we’ll be happy. But get us a puzzle that caters to a special interest or challenges our competitiveness? You’ll be scoring extra dopamine points with us. You can also combine their love of puzzles and crafts with a DIY book nook that is as entertaining as it is adorable.

Gifts for the Chillest ADHDer You Know

  1. Trust me, this floor pillow is an excellent ADHD gift idea
    People with ADHD tend to sit in all kinds of weird positions. We can never sit still for long and are always putting our limbs in weird positions or sitting at weird angles. That’s why this floor pillow makes a great gift for someone with ADHD. It gives them room to sprawl out and squirm around in any room they want. Anecdotally, I know a lot of us tend to sit on the floor a lot so trust me when I say this gift is sure to bring some extra joy this holiday season.

  1. Set the vibe this holiday season with this colorful cloud lamp
    This fluffy cloud lamp is sure to bring some sweet, sweet serotonin to whoever receives it. There are multiple color options to choose from and it comes with a remote as well as an app to control the colors. You can also use Bluetooth to sync it to music and watch the colors flow through. It also has an option for simulating thunder and lightning which I think is a fun and unique feature.

  1. Looking to light up their day another way? This sunset lamp is sure to improve their mood
    This stunning sunset lamp has so many great features. There are 16 color options and four modes (Jump Effect/Strobe Effect/Gradient Effect/Smooth Gradient.) Its soft lighting options make it great for setting a calm atmosphere, taking stunning photos, or simulating sun movements to help with sleep.

Looking for more gift ideas? Check out the first part of our neurodivergent gift guide series: autism gift ideas

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