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This is a pro-candy and remembering-to-take-your-meds space.

Neurodivergent brains each have their own unique spice blend. Even with those differences, one of the things I’ve found the most helpful in understanding and coming to terms with my own autism has been sharing experiences with neurodivergent friends. That’s why I’m building this blog is; a product of autistic problem-solving habits. I’m here to share my own experiences as well as those of my neurospicy/ neurodivergent and chronically ill friends.

For a list of my ailments that will be guiding much of the content here, you can check out my about me page.

I am by no means an expert on any of this. I simply have been living with these conditions my entire life (whether I was aware of them or not) and have a number of friends with similar spicy conditions. Finding it incredibly interesting, I spend a fair amount of time reading about other people’s experiences, blogs, research, and books about neurodivergent topics. Learning more about autism, ADHD, and alexithymia has improved my life and given me a better framework for approaching my relationships. Navigating those while also dealing with anxiety and arthritis has also given me additional insights I think people would find useful.

Some things you can expect me to talk about:

  • Neurospicy/Neurodivergent wedding planning (until my wedding in September)
  • Tools and/or products I love
  • Book reviews
  • Products I’ve made with the spicy-brained in mind
  • Neurodivergent insights
  • Neurodivergent decor
  • Autism and ADHD-friendly recipes
  • Research findings and news

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